Political activity of the youth

It is a well known phenomenon in Europe that younger generations (18-29) are less active politically than the older ones, but there are significant differences between the countries: they are avoiding elections in the United Kingdom, Finland and Poland the most. In these countries their turnout is only the 40-43 % of the average of the older generations. In Hungary it is 70 %, which is a better result, but still a significant gap. There is only one country where there is no gap (actually it is in favor of the youth): Belgium, where there is a compulsory voting system.

                      EU_reszvetel2 térkép

Election turnout of the generation 18-29 compared to the older ones.
 100% = same turnout, 50% = half of the turnout

Source of data: EES 2014, asking about the participation at the previous national elections. (Survey taken after the European Parliament elections)

Fiatalok politikai aktivitása
Generációs helyzetkép – Fiatalok, részvétel, politika

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