Participation and Political Activity of Young Generations

After the Brexit referendum more and more people started to realize how little we know and care about the political activity of the youth. The results made it clear: the youth have significantly different views on certain issues, but their absence from voting resulted in the victory for Brexit. In our analysis we looked at the statistics regarding the political activity and passivity of young voters in Hungary and the European Union to better understand the background of this phenomenon (18-29).

The absence of young voters in the UK is not unprecedented. Previous election results clearly show: young Brits are the least politically active – together with Polish youngsters, while Hungarians are in the mid-range in a European comparison.

Youngsters are a the most ambivalent voter group in general: some of them are purposely not interested in politics, but in the same time some of the are the most active supporters of new, anti-establishment parties – let them be greens, radical right-wing, new leftists or liberals. Low participation of young voters – and their openness towards new actors – are related to their overall rejection of traditional parties and politics.

The analysis is available on HERE .

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