Hungarian Parties and Same-Sex Marriage – Stances, Questions and Concerns

For years now, the Hungarian LGBTQ community has proven itself to be one of the best organized civil movements: the number of people attending the annual Pride parade is increasing each year; their interannual programs (from a film festival to the Coming Out Day) strengthen the notions of openness, awareness and acceptance both towards the community and the mainstream society. Compared to the rest of the civil organizations set out to defend human rights, Pride is less insistent on isolating itself from party politicians: politicians of left-wing and liberal parties typically attend the annual march with high-profile representation.

On the other hand, however, apparently this is the maximum level of support politicians are willing to show when it comes to the LGBTQ’s fight for the extension of rights: based on the opinions articulated at a conference held last week on same-sex marriage, it seems uncertain that Hungary would move closer to establishing same-sex marriage if a new government was elected.

On the jointly organized event of Budapest Pride and Integrity Lab, Hungarian left-wing and liberal opposition parties and Jobbik (the radical right-wing party) debated the topic. While the latter categorically denied the idea of same-sex marriage, the rest of the parties, in theory, were all in agreement with it. However, their positions greatly differed in terms of the question of timing and the path that has to be taken towards realization. After the debate the general impression was that the larger the party, the less adamant or daring it is to become engaged in the issue.

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