About us


We launched Integrity Lab in order to analyze and formulate the social and political environment around us with our own approach. We believe we can achieve this with a strategy based on true information and with the right partners.

Why now?

Information is now more accessible then ever but due to time pressure it is getting more complicated to focus on real explanations and new perspectives. Different social groups are more and more visible and their demands are more articulated in politics – their connection points and the success in self-representation are more in question though. Old and new actors are already sharing public and politcal spheres but they differ fundamentally in self definition and perception: that’s why the mutually accepted terms and the conditions of dialogue are missing – being one of the possible reasons of the growing polarization. Issues sooner percieved as private matters are becoming the topics and objects of politics, and our everyday life and choices are more affected by politics than ever.

Why with us?

Integrity Lab is working to implement projects promoting the rulee of law, active citizenship and participation and advance liberty and prosperity. We are cooperating with (and looking for) Hungarian and international allies sharing these ideas and aims in order to find new, innovative solutions to the problems we all have to face – let them be private, civil or political actors.

Analyses, articles and other publications are available in English here: https://integritylab.hu/category/English

Twitter: @integritylab_hu

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Réka Csaba is an international relations and marketing communication expert, graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest with a master in diplomacy. She worked as an assistant in an international law firm, as an officer of the Career and Communication réka avatarOffices of Corvinus, and also as a journalist and editor. She coordinated Hungarian and international projects, researches and programs and worked on the management and communication of events and other appearances for six years in several public, private and nonprofit organisations.She spent the summer of 2015 in Washington DC with the Koch scholarship, participating in a nonprofit management educational program. In the meantime she was working for the development department of Competitive Enterprise Institute and studied the U.S. legislation procedure and political communication. She is regularly invited to speak and participate in Hungarian and international conferences, workshops and projects.

E-mail: csaba.reka@integritylab.hu

Twitter: @csabareka

Roland Reiner is a political scientist, graduated from Eötvös Loránd University, and studied sociology in Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies. He worked as an rolandassistant in several researches of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and participated in the reseach of RECENS (Research Center for Educational and Network Studies) studying the social network of high school students. He has been working as a political analysts since 2011, and his areas of expertise are voter attitudes and election forecast, right-wing radicalism, euroskepticism and data visualisation. He is widely experinced in political research and strategy development. He is the author of numerous studies and articles covering political and social issues, and he is invited regularly as a speaker to political television and radio shows and conferences.

E-mail: reiner.roland@integritylab.hu#

 Twitter: @ReinerRoland